PS4 and XBOX ONE Repairs

The next generation has arrived!  Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s XBOX ONE are in peoples home and being played to death – literary!  The old problems from the last generation have started to rear their ugly heads and the overheating issue is back.

When a console heats up and stays like it for extended periods of time, the solder can soften at the point of contact.  This causes intermittent problems such as the flashing warning lights or unable to read discs.  These problems can be fixed by reseating/soldering the faulty contacts and improving the thermal displacement through improved conductors.

We are not yet at a stage where individual components can be sourced and replaced but loose connections and faulty drives can be fixed.

If you have a console that is out of warranty or second-hand don’t buy a new one just yet: let Ace Computer Centre have a look at it for you.  We offer a no fix no fee service so what have you got to loose?

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