Smartphone Repair

Smartphones are now common place and they come in various sizes and durability and range from relatively cheap to very expensive. Most people have either an Android, Windows 8 or an Apple device and inevitably over the course of its life it will suffer some damage from being dropped, sat on or general wear and tear. The most common problems are broken screens and faulty/temperamental connectors and if you do not have insurance it can be expensive to replace them if you are not due an upgrade. Even if you are due an upgrade having your phone fixed means you can sell it on or give it to a loved-one or friend, a broken device is not necessarily at the end of its life. At Ace Computer Centre, we know how to properly diagnose the problem with your smartphone, and quickly repair the issue. We will fix it at a price that will make you want to call your friends and let them know, and we will fix your phone so you can!

Common Problems:

  • Broken screens and/or digitizer (touch ability)
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Power switch
  • Battery connector
  • Ring tone
  • Headset connector
  • Charging port
  • Unresponsive software
  • Not booting/turning on
  • Broken or sticky keypad malfunction
  • SIM card connector
  • Volume switch
  • Water damage
  • Keypad illumination
  • Housing replacement
  • Trackball replacement for BlackBerry
  • Software upgrades
Collect, Repair and Deliver